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Aardal O'Aardwolf #3

Shooting Times

For anyone who has been hiding under a rock lately, you will no doubt have noticed that the club has moved location and as a result some of our shooting times have had to change a little too.

Monday and Friday (summer) opening times haven't changed and remain setup 5.30pm, shooting from 6pm till 8pm

Saturday setup at 10.30 am for shooting at 11.00 am until 1.00 pm.

Sunday setup at 12.30 for shooting at 1.00 pm until 3.00 pm.

These may be able to change but for now we remain glad that we have nearly comparable shooting times to what we had at Westfield.

Aardal O'Aardwolf #2

Aardal O'Aardwolf #1

OnTarget Archery Club Competition

Saturday April 9 2016 sees Aardwolf hosting the start of the OnTarget Archery Club competition. Last year we did very well and made it to the semi-finals so hopefully we can do even better this year! Good luck Aardwolfers!

Stabilisers- MAC Triad


I've got a Mac Triad 28" longrod and 10" short rod (just a single) , both with dampers for sale. Looking for £25 for the set

well hello there

Hi all

well it will soon be time to start shooting outdoors more often and the competition calendar is starting to fill up nicely.

so what competitions are people going to enter then?

Barnlsey Early bird western March 06 (Sunday )

Abbeydale archers potato shoot April 2

Bassetlaw Bowmen western April 10

Website Disruption

UPDATE: I have sent out new logins to everyone who had one before and the score submission form is back up and running. If you encounter problems with your login or you haven't received yours yet, please email me.


When it's Windy and Rainy...

Please be aware that during the winter months (and sadly sometimes during the summer months too!) bad weather may mean that the club will not open at its usual times and shooting will not take place.  In particular high winds and lightning makes shooting unsafe.  If the weather is really dreadful, plan to stay in bed :)  The committee will try to make sure someone is there at shooting times to allow shooting if possible or make a safety decision.