August: End of Month Shoot - Windsors

The end of month shoot for August 28th will be Windsors. Distances to suit all ages and abilities, tea, cakes and some medals up for grabs as usual. As a Windsor is 3 sets of 3 dozen arrows at 3 distances this is a great chance to get in some 252's as well as a formal round!

Up and Running!

Members have been out, managed to find us at the new site and so far feedback is positive.  Here's a few photos from the first couple of sessions. Hopefully we'll see those who haven't been able to make it so far very soon!

Aardwolf Move Update: All set!

We've been busy at the new field today getting things marked out so everything is all set for our first shoot at the new site tomorrow (19 August).  The cabins open, the equipment is intact and from the picture you can see Martin and Shaun testing out a couple of targets at 60 & 100 yards - just to make sure all is in working order! The field looks lovely and we hope to see as many of you as possible down at the new site.

Aardwolf Move Update: Ready for Handsworth

The cabins were successfully moved today and are now safely at our new location at Handsworth Grange Community College. Our new field is at the back and marked on the map.  Parking will be available on the field eventually, but please do bear with us as with all new things and freshly moved homes we won't have everything sorted out perfectly just yet!

Aardwolf Move Update: Farewell to Westfield

Smaller image of the cartoon of Aardal the Aardwolf Archers mascot struggling with removal boxes

Just a reminder that tonight (15 August 2016) will be the last shoot for us at our Westfield site before it gets dug up to make new football pitches.  Friday's shoot will be at our new site at Handsworth Grange NOT at Westfield. I hope we have managed to catch everyone via email, phone, etc about the move but apologies in advance to anyone who turns up at Westfield on Friday and wonders where the cabins have gone.

Important Information! Aardwolf Move

Ardal the Aardwolf Archery cartoon character moving boxes into a van

Gala Update: Aston 6 August 2016

 Since we have a lot going on at the moment in finding a new home for Aardwolf, the club will not be running a Have-A-Go stall at Aston Gala this year.  Once we've regrouped we hope to participate in Aston and other community galas next year.

July End of Month Shoot: Metric

For July's end of month shoot on the 31st we will be shooting Metric rounds. Distances to suit all ages and abilities and some medals up for grabs as usual and if you ask nicely there might even be some more cake!

Club Closed: Saturday 9 July 2016 for Beighton Gala

Aardwolf Archers will not be open for its regular shooting time on Saturday 9th July.  This is because we will be hosting a "Have-A-Go" stall, as we do each year, at Beighton Gala but don't despair! You can still enjoy being part of Aardwolf by helping out at this event. All members are very welcome, in fact, encourged to come to the park and help out your favourite archery club :)

The Events Team are planning a fun shoot and barbeque for July. Which of these dates would suit you best?

Sunday 17th July
30% (3 votes)
Sunday 24th July
70% (7 votes)
I would not be able to come on either of those days
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10


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