Beginners Courses

A completed beginners course will teach you about:

  • archery equipment
  • how to assemble and take down a recurve bow safely
  • shooting with and without a sight at a distance of around 10 - 15 yards
  • line etiquette and safety;
  • setting up the archery range
  • scoring
  • demonstration of other bow types
  • archery games!

The beginners course is suitable for adults of any age and for children over the age of 8. For children under 16 attending the course their parent/guardian should be present for all sessions. We would recommend, however, for parents/guardians to get involved and enrol themselves on the course too!

Equipment is provided. If you are interested in joining the club after completion of your course you will be able to continue to have access to the beginners equipment for a short time while you settle into your new sport and until you can organise your own equipment. Equipment is also available to hire on a monthly basis.

While we would love you to join up with Aardwolf after completing your beginners course, this is not compulsory. If you intend to join a different club they can contact us to confirm that you have completed a beginners course with Aardwolf Archers.

The beginners course costs £60 per person for four 2-hour sessions with coaching and use of equipment. Spaces on courses are limited to ensure that each participant gets plenty of time with their coach.