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Gala Update: Aston 6 August 2016

 Since we have a lot going on at the moment in finding a new home for Aardwolf, the club will not be running a Have-A-Go stall at Aston Gala this year.  Once we've regrouped we hope to participate in Aston and other community galas next year.

July End of Month Shoot: Metric

For July's end of month shoot on the 31st we will be shooting Metric rounds. Distances to suit all ages and abilities and some medals up for grabs as usual and if you ask nicely there might even be some more cake!

Club Closed: Saturday 9 July 2016 for Beighton Gala

Aardwolf Archers will not be open for its regular shooting time on Saturday 9th July.  This is because we will be hosting a "Have-A-Go" stall, as we do each year, at Beighton Gala but don't despair! You can still enjoy being part of Aardwolf by helping out at this event. All members are very welcome, in fact, encourged to come to the park and help out your favourite archery club :)

The Events Team are planning a fun shoot and barbeque for July. Which of these dates would suit you best?

Sunday 17th July
30% (3 votes)
Sunday 24th July
70% (7 votes)
I would not be able to come on either of those days
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 10

June: End of Month Shoot - Westerns

Western cartoon smallFor June's end of month shoot on the 26th we will be shooting Western rounds. Distances to suit all ages and abilities and some medals up for grabs. If you enjoyed last month's cake stall we could be persuaded to do another!


Chill Out Dudes! Mosborough Music Festival is finished

Aardal the Aardwolf as a hippie at a music festivalNormal shooting times have been restored and most of the festival debris has been cleared away.

Peace. Out x

Beginners Course - June 2016

We are running a beginners course on June 10th, 13th, 17th and 20th.  If you  would  like to start  yourself  (or other members of your family!) off on an exciting new sporting journey  then email us at and we will send you some further information and an application form.

The course costs £50 and will teach you everything you need to know to begin archery and shoot safely. 

Aardwolf does it Again!

Aardwolf made it to round two of the On Target contest and managed to win against Selby on their home ground.  I think the weather had the ultimate victory as all teams had to shoot in driving rain.  However, everyone did really well and despite the rain Aardwolf's team won.



Update! The Aardwolf Tea (& Coffee) Shoppe!

Aardal the Aardwolf mascot drinking tea in a posh fashionThe Tea & Coffee Shoppe is now available on the line on shooting days. For the tiny sum of 20p you can enjoy a hot beverage during the shoot, but we do advise leaving your cup on the shop's table or by your bow stand while you shoot, otherwise you might spill!

Club Records

The Club Records have been updated (at last!) and so are now up on the website. You must be logged in to be able to look at them or else you won't see the menu with the link to them XD

The Records have now been split into two parts, the first is the overall all-time record and the seasonal part will give the current record holders for the season so far. 


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