About Aardwolf

Aardwolf Archers is a target archery club based in Sheffield, UK. It was established in 2011 by 4 enthusiasts who aimed to create an open and welcoming club for beginners and experienced archers alike. It is run by volunteers and we hold outdoor shooting every weekend. During the summer months and on Bank Holidays we hold extra shoots and special events including clout and field style shoots. We currently shoot at Handsworth Grange Sports College.

Bow types

Our members shoot a variety of bow types and styles including English longbow, traditional, Olympic recurve, barebow and compound. The only bow type we do not allow is crossbow.


We shoot distances up to 100 yards.


We hold beginners courses a few times per year. These courses tend to be four 2-hour sessions held either on a Saturday or Sunday over the course of four weekends. Completing a beginners course with us will mean you are competent to shoot under Archery GB regulations safely and you will begin to have an understanding about the equipment and be able to join the regular members on the shooting line. If you would like more information or to be added to the waiting list for our next beginners course then please email us at aardwolfarchers@gmail.com

Courses are run from April - September.

More information about beginners courses can be found here.

Not done archery in a while?

If you completed a beginners course a while ago or have not done any archery for some time we have coaches and experienced archers who can assess your current ability and get you confident in shooting again. Contact us via email or come along to the field to discuss your needs.

Members of other clubs

If you are already a member of another archery club but would like to shoot at Aardwolf then you are more than welcome to join us as an affiliate member. Contact us at the email address above or simply come along to visit us.

Shooting times

We normally shoot on a Saturday 10:30am (set up time) until 1pm, Sunday 09:30am (set up time) until 12pm. During the winter months we have been alternating Saturdays and Sundays - check the website to find out further information. During the summer we also have shoots on a Friday and Monday evening. Indoor shooting is available during the winter (during non-pandemic restrictions!).


We normally park on or near the field using the Beaver Avenue entrance. Parking is available at the Sports College but be aware that their opening times will differ from ours, particularly on a Sunday or on Bank Holidays so their gates may be locked.

For your SatNav information (because Googlemaps has our location slightly amiss apparently!):

Handsworth Grange Sports College: S13 9HJ

Beaver Avenue: S13 9QJ - drive to the end of Beaver Avenue (be careful, there are many parked cars and traffic does go both ways). The street ends with a footpath ahead and some green gates on your right. This is the entrance to our field. If you have not been to us before or are running late it is best to enter those gates and pause at the top once you see the field and wait for us to wave you onto the parking area in case we are in mid shoot when you arrive. In winter we tend to park on that gravel slope as the field gets too muddy to park safely on.