Aardwolf Archers

Welcome to Aardwolf archers

We are a target archery club based in Sheffield, UK and welcome beginners and experienced archers alike. At our field behind Handsworth Grange Sports College we can shoot at distances of up to 100 yards and our members shoot a variety of bow styles including Olympic recurve, compound and traditional bow types such as English longbow and American flatbow.

Welcome to our Club!
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Sunday 07 May 2023

Club Shoot – Windsor Rounds

Normal shooting May 13 & 14 2023

Score submissions coming soon
Beginners courses
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Next course coming soon in May 2023

Fun events
Clouts and club shoots
Team Aardwolf at a National competition

If you have previously completed a beginners course, either with us or through another club but haven’t been shooting for a while all is not lost! We would be delighted to welcome you back into the sport. Arrange a time to come to the club, we will assess where you are at and have a look at your equipment to make sure it is safe to use. After that you can join the club and enjoy the fun of archery all over again!

Other Useful INformation

Our Aardwolf t-shirts, hoodies and other wearable items embroidered at Pinders in Aston